Real Estate Agents

Welcome to your AI assistant!
Increase Productivity and add Value to your client's real estate experience.

Create a personalized AI assistant that is fully customizable and supports the ongoing and ever changing needs of your buyers, sellers and renters.  You control what it answers and how it answers.  It’s the best version of you, on demand.  It also gets smarter with each chat and allows you, in real-time, to make adjustments.  


Time is your most valuable asset and if your AI assistant can give you back 20+ hours each month without diminishing your connection to your clients, then you’ve just dramatically increased your productivity.   It also ensures that you consistently provide the “best” answer, each and every time.  

  • Many clients are hesitant to ask questions and even unintentionally offer misleading information when speaking with you directly.  Tracking how your clients interact with your AI assistant will provide you with invaluable information that will allow you to better serve their needs and concerns.
  • It shows your clients that you’re adopting the latest in tech innovation.  For some clients, this will mean the difference between choosing you or another agent.
  • Whether you like it or not, most clients use the internet to ask questions and receive real estate information even while working with you.  Each time they go online there is a good chance they are being introduced to another agent, directly or indirectly.  Creating a robust AI assistant, who can be their go-to resource for all things real estate related will only make your existing relationship more “sticky.”  Bottom Line – This will greatly reduce the need for them to search elsewhere.
  • You now have a predictive tool, getting smarter over time, that will allow you to better understand the likelihood that your clients will actually transact and over what time frame.  Once again, this greatly enhances how you spend your time and your overall productivity.

We will work closely with you to capture all of your knowledge along with any other real estate related information/sources you feel is appropriate to share with your clients.  Texts, emails, videos, brochures, articles, newsletters and any other content, from finance to design, can be uploaded to a shared drive and disseminated into your personalized AI assistant.  Once captured, you will have the ability to train your AI assistant to produce answers that are consistent with your goals, sales strategy, and brand.  Remember, it’s completely up to you as to what information your AI assistant provides.  If you choose, you may even offer suggested prompts for what your clients should be asking based upon their specific needs and profile.


$1500 set-up fee along with a recurring investment of $100/month.  


We will be holding bi-weekly coaching sessions on how to best implement your AI assistant into your business to drive engagement and increase productivity.  Over time your AI assistant can be leveraged as a lead generation tool that will fill your pipeline with a stream of qualified clients.


This will be available on either your personal website, company website, or hosted by us at no additional charge.  

Your branding will be integrated.  You may also customize any of the verbiage used to introduce your AI assistant to your audience.    

Anything can be uploaded to your AI assistant.  It will share as much or as little as you like and it will always recommend that someone should contact you for more detailed information.  

Many safeguards have been taken to ensure inappropriate content has been blocked.  Please remember, this is not a general AI bot but one that only answers real estate related questions.  In addition, we have and will continue to upload any pertinent safeguards specific to the real estate industry.  

You can access your AI assistant in real time, 24 hours/day.  

Weekly, group office hours will be scheduled to ensure you receive ongoing training and updates.  Your feedback will also allow us to prioritize additional feature add-ons.