Agents Onboarding Process


  1. Sign agreement and submit payment (at

    • Discuss initial training data (below)

  2. Within 72 hours, your bot will be trained on initial data

    • We will send you a link to live demo hosted on Real-E’s website

    • If hosted on your website, please provide us website admin contact or credentials.  We will add bot to a new demo page for internal testing only

  3. 1-2 weeks of internal testing 

    • You/your team tests bot for content, voice and general behavior

    • Send us any additional documents or links to more training data

    • Email us with any feedback/desired features

    • We will provide you transcripts and usage dashboard

  4. Once you believe bot is ready to launch

    • We schedule call to discuss how to launch

    • Make the bot available to the public through Real-E’s site and/or your website

  5. Ongoing weekly group “office hours” video call for training, learning, product updates, features requests, general update on AI developments

Initial Training Data
  • We will create a shared Google Drive folder where you can add any training data you want
  • In one document, add all links relevant to your business.  We will scrape these sites for data to train your bot.  We can do all this by default.
    • Website(s)
    • YouTube video links
    • Relevant blog post

  • (Ideal/optional) Provide a recording of one of you 1-on-1 live meetings with a person
    • Can be a showing, intro call with a prospect, update call with a client

    • Can be text transcription or audio file

    • Ideally 30+ minutes

    • Purpose is to gather your unique word choices and speaking style so bot can match your “voice”