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Daniel is a powerful communicator and REALTOR who brings insight, knowledge, levity, creativity, and enthusiasm to each stage of the real estate transaction. He embraces working with first-time homebuyers and sellers as well as finding special deals for seasoned investors. Daniel has successfully helped his clients buy or sell their homes in prestigious cooperatives and condos, as well as townhouses in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Daniel’s unrelenting work ethic combined with old-school integrity, loyalty, and straightforward nature are standout qualities that make him the go-to advisor for many leaders in finance, entertainment, design, and media. Having fallen in love with living in New York following an upbringing in Ohio, Daniel understands just how important having a home in New York is. Through his experienced knowledge, passion, and consistently diligent work ethic, he approaches each opportunity with creative ingenuity to achieve the ideal results for his valued clients; those that are seeking a place to relax while sharing in the creation of memories, entertain, and relish in the roots that help New Yorkers thrive as the leaders of industry and world culture. Daniel is a proud B.A. graduate of Ohio State University, with interests that include design, art, museums, restaurants, health & fitness, theatre, cycling, and learning as much as possible.

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Working across all price points, boroughs, and property styles, Daniel Blatman leverages technology and expert industry insight to create a bespoke, transparent, and knowledge-driven transaction for both buyers and sellers, maximizing the return on investment that makes NYC a secure market for building wealth.

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  1. Here’s why you’re not selling your home!


It’s time for a listing refresh. If you’re selling your home and you feel like it’s gotten a little stale or your traffic dropped off, it may be time to analyze why? Are the photos boring, and do they show the space off because that is the first thing that anyone sees when they’re considering coming to your home. Number two, is your broker tired? Are they always engaged, are they actively showing your home and creating the life that somebody’s going to want or they’re just going through the repetitions. Lastly, is the marketing active or passive? The passive is listed and forget it and just show, the active is continua analysis of the marketing plan that is happening on both social media, telephone calls, and further out reach to get people into the floor. If you’re not getting the exposure that you want, you’re feeling a little tired, starting to feel a little stale, give me a call! We specialize in analyzing and revamping listings, and making sure we get you from point A, to successfully selling. 


  1. Murray Hill and Kips Bay are the most underrated Neighborhoods in Manhattan!


Murray Hill and Kips Bay are the most underrated neighborhoods in Manhattan right now. The reason for this is you actually have big trees, you have easy transportation, and you have walkability to all of the new hot spots. When you look at how development happens, it goes from west to east. We’ve already had west Chelsea, we’ve had Flatiron and Nomad, and now, we’re going to have Murray Hill. You just got a new Whole Foods, you already have Trader Joe’s, you have walkability to all the offices in Midtown, which happens to be great for banks, hedge funds, law funds, you name it, and all of the new bars and restaurants that have opened up on Broadway and Fifth avenue, and Madison Avenue, and Park in Nomad in the upper 20’s to low 30’s. It is going to create this beautiful hot spot of opportunity, and still have great value to buy today. 


  1. Interest rates are coming down! It’s a great time to buy Real Estate


Now is great time to buy. It is Q1 of 2023, interest rates are coming down, they are hovering right at around 5%, though you can get lower, and the stock market is all over the place. Real estate tough, is very consistent, especially in our wonderful bubble of NYC. The reason I say all of this is because if you considered buying in 2018, our stock market is in a similar position, our interest rates are in a similar position, and you only have upside because pricing right now is where you are going to get a deal 


  1. Here’s something important to consider if you live in a high-rise!


If you’re selling your home in a challenging market and you live in a high-rise, here is something important to consider. One thing about selling, that is for sure, is that it is the prettiest and the least expensive that sells the fastest. So, when you are ready to sell, and the neighbor above you and the neighbor below you both have the same floor plan and the same view, we need to make sure that you stand out better than anybody else so that it is a drive to quality versus a drive down in price 


  1. Know when a seller is willing to negotiate!


Know when a seller is willing to negotiate! By brain an online sleuth, you can figure out whether a seller is going to negotiate by three different key items: 1. Is it staged? And it’s been on the market for longer than three months. By that time their staging costs have grown and incorrued and they already wanted to present it in the best possible way to get the highest price which clearly isn’t happening. 2. They’re on their second or maybe even third real estate agent. By that time, they’ve gone through being overpromised and undelivered by real estate agent n.1 and possibly real estate agent n.2, and it’s starting to drag on. 3. They’re selling in the winter or the summer. There are some of my favorite times to buy because anyone that is selling in the winter or the summer is a real seller. They are moving on, the’ve made their decision, and they are out of here.


  1. Do not fake it ’till you make it!


If you’re a new agent, do not fake it ‘till you make it. What I had to create when I was starting is I was walking around the city with one of my clients, and he just started putting out information like “Hey, is this the Richard Meier building?”, “Hey, is this the Dietz Lantern building?” and I’m thinking, I actually have no idea, I should know this, and it’s kind of like shaking and nodding and taking all the information in. And the insecurity that made me feel changed the outlook of how I went about gaining other information. What I started todo is I made flashcards of every developer that had developed a residential condo building in that area, in all of Manhattan, and what were their last 5 projects. Who were the architects of those projects? Now, it’s more about the interior designers, who’s the interior designer on that project? So that as you’re walking, you already have this knowledge. When I was done studying those flashcards and knew everything, I knew more information about a lot of these buildings than most agents that had been in business for 20 years. 


  1. A home With Good Layouts and Low Monthlies Will Always Sell!


In today’s real estate market the homes that will always sell are good layouts and low monthlies. There are too many people that are jumping at this shiny object because it is renovated, it is pretty, you can move right in, but the layout is terrible. There are bottlenecks, maybe the monthlies are high, you have to understand where does this sit in the comps, and in that specific segment of the market. Not saying don’t move forward with that type of space, but don’t jump at it and pay a higher price, which we are seeing, and we’ve seen that in every market, regardless of what the statistics are. Be aware, be educated, and understand how is layout conditions, purchase price, and the monthly carrying costs all having an effect currently and in the future on how that home will perform. 


  1. Vertical living has its drawbacks!


Vertical living is amazing because you get great views and a really cool lifestyle. It also has its drawbacks: 1. Noise: How soundproof is your apartment from upstairs? does your upstairs neighbor tap dance do they walk around in high heels or do they just drop marbles all the time, or constantly rocking out to Britney Spears or T Swift; 2. Water leaks: In NY there is the wet over dry rule, which may or may not make sense. However, if your upstairs neighbor is leaking into your apartment, this can be caused by air conditioning, plumbing, or your sink. All of these things need to be maintained, taken care of, so that you don’t get that leak. 3. Lastly, if someone is renovating in that building, that makes using elevator service very challenging and has elevator delays. In NYC, where we want everything when we want it all the time, these inconveniences can make high-rise living challenging. Especially when you are stuck waiting in the elevator. 


  1. Your strong opinion on neighborhood isn’t valid!


Your strong opinion on neighborhood isn’t valid. If you have not lived in a neighborhood in NYC within the last 6 months your opinion isn’t valid. What I love about this city is that it is constantly changing, you have new bars and restaurants, you have new coffee shops, you have new grocery stores, and you have new entertainment. Also, new commutes. Unless you have lived somewhere within the last 6 months, your opinion, while yes, it is strong, I’m sure, is not valid. What is the lifestyle that you’re looking to create, what’s the new lifestyle that is coming in and what are the game changers that have happened in each space that also make it now approachable? Was it under construction before, has the scaffolding all been removed and now the streets are pretty? That can happen without you even blinking. It is very important to stay current on a neighborhood when you say yes and when you say no, and what I’m going to recommend is, why don’t we just go and we check it out? Knowledge and certainty are better than your opinion. 


  1. 70 Thomas St #2 – Luxury Duplex Loft in TriBeCa


Welcome to 70 Thomas St #2! See our listing here – https://danielblatman.com/properties/70-thomas-street-unit-2-newyorkcity-ny-10013-olrs-2021648 This exquisitely renovated and restored 4200-square-foot duplex loft occupies two stories of a 5-story coop. This townhouse-like residence receives both Northern and Southern exposure, with towering ceiling heights and an interior design that seamlessly marries old-world and contemporary aesthetics to deliver an inspiring property in the heart of TriBeCa. The 150-year-old, former rope factory boasts a truly authentic loft-living experience with absolutely nothing spared during its painstaking redesign and restoration. Offering ample room for living and entertaining with ceilings that soar up to 27’ and an open floor plan that allows for effortless flow within the space. A perfect blend of history, craftsmanship, and modern luxury make this landmarked TriBeCa loft truly one-of-a-kind. Upon entering, one is instantly struck by the elegant and bespoke craftsmanship emanating from even the most remote corners of this unique space. Perhaps most notably, the welded steel staircase with solid one-piece walnut treads creates an architectural centerpiece, drawing the eye upward to the hand-finished beamed ceilings 27’ above. Walnut floors continue throughout the space and provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the restored strait-grain Douglas fir rafters and millwork add character and charm while paying respect to the property’s former life. The custom metalwork, from the epic staircase to the built-ins found in the abundantly spacious walk-in closet to the 10’ pocket doors leading to the primary bedroom, have all been crafted by local artisan Gabriel Shelton. That steel meshes perfectly with the natural stone in the open dining and kitchen space. A 14’ ceiling hovers over a center island made from a single slab of Italian Princessa Quartz and plays off a luxuriously appointed kitchen hosting a six-burner Wolf range with a custom exhaust, Sub Zero fridge, Bosch dishwasher, and built-in coffee station and Blanco fixtures for the dual sink. The primary bedroom is south facing with large double-paned windows illuminating an expansive seating area, a custom king-sized bed, and 13’ ceilings. The ensuite bath is an oasis of handcrafted Mexican tile, Calacatta marble, and Kohler fixtures, complete with a walk-in shower and soaking tub with “cold plunge” functionality. The guest bedroom is equally opulent with southern exposure, skylight, and a Japanese-inspired ensuite with cast concrete trough sink and soaking tub. A secondary bedroom boasts a Douglas fir bunkbed and workspace. However, the large, custom-built home office, is where one can find true creativity. Beyond its walls, this loft also owns 40% of the basement and roof rights of this landmarked building, allowing for future expansion. With flexible sublet rules, the small self-managed co-op will offer an efficient and flexible approach to living in the heart of TriBeCa.


  1. Here’s why Madison Square park is UNDERRATED!


It’s actually one of my favorite parks. Mostly because it has a lot of different spaces to work around, and it has a lot of foot traffic, so everything is constantly in motion. In Madison Square park so that I feel free to go and have a conversation. You can people watch, there’s always entertainment and yet nobody is going to eavesdrop in what you’re saying as in other parks. It has one of the bigger green spaces for you to actually be able to go and sit in, it has tables if you feel coffee, it has bog trees so you can actually duck out of the shade, and it has a big dog park. And, if you walk 5 minutes in any direction you can get bathroom, coffee, groceries or great food. So it really is a great nexus or middle ground for the city and great place to meet.


  1. Here’s why you should consider trees when buying an apartment!


A street with trees is always going to sell better than a street without trees. In NY we pay for big trees. That’s why the west side is typically more expensive than the east side. Having a pretty block to walk down something that is approachable it helps you feel at ease it helps you feel calm. Having trees on your street will protect you from the sun, protect you from the rain, and also makes you emotionally feel calm in our concrete jungle. When you’re looking at apartments when you’re looking at a place to move in into, how do the trees affect you? Does your street have big trees? Will you feel that sense of calm walking home or leaving home or will you feel like you’re still in the city and you need to decorate the interior of your apartment that much more?


  1. Washington Square Park is Overrated!


Washington Square Park? Overrated! I like the park it’s pretty, it’s very busy, everybody loves the fountain, you want to jump in you see kids play there you see people skateboard there, it’s great it’s a hub of activity. You have protests, you have speakers, you have music, you have everything. The challenge is you have a lot of activity, depending on which side of the park are you on, the west side where people are playing chess and yet it also feels a little sketchy, are you on the east side where it’s not that well lit and has really great trees. Or are you right in the middle where you have skateboarders, you have sales going on, you have people feeding the pigeons? It’s just a little bit much depending on the time of day that you’re going through it is whether you feel safe or not. So, Washington Square Park, the reason I say is overrated is because it is one of the few areas where I’m still on high alert, whether it is feeling like something sketchy might happen, or I’ll just get run over by a skateboarder. 


  1. Here’s why the real estate market in NY is always evolving!


The real estate market in NY is always evolving. We don’t have a market where you’re looking at a specific neighborhood and you say “Oh well, this neighborhood always trades at this price per sq ft, so we’re going to list it at this.” There is a lot of nuance to New York City and neighborhoods, and no one is locations specific anymore. Where is your competition? Are people looking in just your building? Are they looking in the 5 block radius? Are they looking in two other neighborhoods as well? What came on the market? What came off the market unsold? What got rented vs sold? What price drops happened? Now as your seller’s agent, I’m constantly selling updates on what are other buyers seeing because we need to keep you informed about the way that a buyer would approach your home, and then we’ll know how to adapt for you in order to successfully sell your home in today’s market. 


  1. The Real Estate Market Is Shifting!


Attention real estate sellers in New York City in the start of 2023. The market’s shifting! There are more deals getting done right now, and if your home was sitting on the market through 2022, it is time to give it a fresh look, figure out do we need to paint? Do we need to add different lighting? What are the minor changes that we can do to it to make it look dramatically different with very little money? (If at all). And then reposition it on the market to sell it. By setting your ego aside and countering an offer that comes in regardless of where it comes in you’ll be surprised on where their second offer is. You’ll know your position and your strategy in the first 4 back and for offers with each buyer. So don’t just cast somebody aside. Cast your ego aside and start the conversation.


  1. Here’s when is the best time to talk to a real estate professional!


Can I share a secret with you? The best time to talk to a real estate professional is when you are just starting to consider buying or selling a property. It’s not when you’re ready to pull the trigger on actually listing your home or making offers and signing a contract. It is when you are starting to consider it so that we can help you through that process, make it easier, make it less daunting, and give you that insider information for what your position is. Otherwise, if you wait until you’re ready to go it’s much more reactive, everything will feel like it’s way too fast, and it’ll be a little bit more panicked. So let’s plan, let’s take our time, not create the urgency until you’re ready, so then it is an actual choice for you versus a reaction. 


  1. Here’s why your friend group is limiting your New York City experience


Your friend group is limiting your New York City experience. Do you ever go out on a Friday or Saturday night and realizer you eat at the same five restaurants, and you hang out in the same 3 blocks? You haven’t been to a museum or a Comedy show and it’s because we get comfortable. When you start wanting to try something else you might find resistance in that friend group. You deserve a more expensive life. That’s why we live in New York City. That’s why we’re here is because you can go to a different neighborhood and become a completely different person! You open up a dating app in a different borough, new people. Do you want things to be different or do you want to live in the same loop? Welcome to New York City, it’s time to make it your own.


  1. Nobody’s judging you!


I need to give you some bad news. Nobody’s thinking about you. We all want to be the center of the universe and think that we are. And we think that when we put ourselves out there, somebody’s going to judge us. People aren’t judging every aspect of what you do. They are very understanding, they are very supportive, and actually very encouraging when you really put yourself out there, and you’re trying something different, and you’re making choices. There is a difference in the society of laziness and paralysis. When you think about are you paralyzed because of the fear of whether people are going to judge you and it puts you into action, or are you lazy because you don’t actually want to do something? Two different things. So, when you realize nobody cares or it’s looking at you, hopefully it gives you some freedom to start making some choices, start trying something new, and building that habit of putting yourself out there, because as we get older, we lose the habit of trying new things and learning how much we such at something so give it a try. Get rid of that paralysis because nobody cares!


  1. Here’s why the Upper West Side market is so efficient!


The Upper West Side real estate market is by far one of the most efficient and best market in New York City. The reason for this is because once people live in the upper west side, they never leave. And the reason for that is because the people that move there have the park you have wide sidewalks, you have low buildings, so there’s always plenty of sky’; you have easy access to the subways, which will get you Downtown very quickly, and all in all the entry of it feels much more relaxing. What makes the properties really interesting is that you have a lot more pre-war buildings, and for every one bed that comes on the market not only are you competing with anybody else looking for a one bad; you’re also competing with their neighbors that are looking to buy and expand because they have a growing family. So it’s very efficient, and it controls their inventory, therefore, controlling more of the values of the homes. And people are lawyers looking to trade to either be closer to the park, to have outdoor space, to have more of a view. Either way, they want to stay in the neighborhood, and they want opportunity.


  1. Brooklyn Heights


Brooklyn Heights is quickly becoming one of my favorite areas, and it’s incredibly in demand. What is great about Brooklyn Heights is that you have these massive historic town houses, and they just feel grand and loft-like when you’re inside, and the streets are quiet. You don’t have a ton of foot traffic because there’s not that many restaurants. You can also walk over and get on the 1, 2, or 3 train at Clark Street. That will give you the immediate access to the city that you’re looking for; it’s only one stop to get to Wall Street. What also I really like is that you have immediate access to all of the piers. So if you want to play soccer, pickleball, tennis, sand volleyball, or just walk and run where there are trees, and just live in a beautiful space, that’s where you get to go. If you need to live in an area, however, that has a ton of restaurants, immediate action, and as soon as you walk outside of your home and you go 5 minutes in any direction, and you have all of the options you could possibly imagine, Brooklyn Heights might not be for you. So where are you in your life? And how does the neighborhood fit? And definitely check it out 

  1. Here’s why this is a HUGE seller’s agent mistake!


The seller’s agent says that the seller is negotiable. Why would anyone ever say that? The better way to approach this, especially if you are representing the seller in the best possible way, is to encourage an offer. The answer would be: I’m not sure how negotiable they are, I highly recommend you look at the numbers and submit an offer that works for you. When a seller’s agent says they are negotiable, I’ve learned that they are “negotiable” can mean multiple things. 1. It means that the buyer is going to throw a wild offer that is not based on any comps, any building statistics, or neighborhood statistics, which actually will prevent any future conversation. 2. The seller’s agent might say that they’re negotiable, but really they mean like 1% to 3% off of the purchase price. That buyer is now expecting 5% to 10%, if not more. So, the expectations are no longer even remotely close to alignment, therefore a deal that easily could have been done where the person loved the apartment ready to go, is now feeling like they’re going to get ripped off and it prevents any future conversation. Therefore, the seller and the buyer are both heartbroken, and neither leave with the deal.


  1. Here’s how a little retouch will help you sell your home for top dollar!


Renovate or update your home. This is one of the most important things that you as a future seller can possibly do and consider. Buyers are looking for something that they can move into. When you see that wood finish that was so popular in the 80s, please paint it white. Painting those cabinets and blending it in with what the counter actually looks like will make it appear as if those cabinets have been updated. When I’m looking around I’m seeing what’s the condition of the cabinet boxes, what’s the condition of the doors. Then, I know how we can make that improvement very cost-effective, that can get the client into the space. Same thing with bathrooms: if you have tile that has been there since the 1970s you just need to add some wallpaper, and new lighting, and maybe a new vanity. This will take it from needing a $30,000 – $40,000 renovation in the buyer’s eyes to only requiring a $2,000 renovation for you, and helping you on that sale price maximizing your value. 


  1. Did you have a bad day or only a bad 5 minutes?


Did you have a bad day? Or did you only have a bad 5 minutes? Ripping off the band-aid for any one moment in time can be so rewarding when you look over the course of the week. Create your goals, make your to-do lists, and actually accomplish everything you’ve set out to accomplish that week. You realize all of the positives that did happen and what that negative actually triggered was a positive. Momentary setbacks can go really long way and set you on the course to better your life. 


  1. Here’s why real estate knowledge is crucial to find your perfect home!


Something that happened recently: I was talking to one of my clients, and we were looking for an apartment for a year an 1/2. We’ve looked at everything, and due to co-ops, they weren’t necessarily qualified for a specific type of building; 50% down, they wanted 1 to 3 times the purchase price in the bank after closing. So we settled on a condo. But this condo had a horrible, horrible layout. The wife made the whole process miserable. However, now that they are in the apartment, they’ve hired their designer, they’ve reworked it, they decorated it in a way that they want, and they’re like: “this is the best apartment that they could ever have imagined living in”. And the wife just off the cuff said: “Don’t tell Daniel that I now love the home!” This is what we do. We understand a lot of these nuances that will make it something that is the most remarkable for you to live in. Take it in a relaxed fashion to explore and find out your priorities


  1. Build the emotional life of your clients!


One of my clients told me that me finding them apartments on the market was like the least value add, and that my actual value walking them through the space and showing them all of the ways that they could make this home something that they would actually be excited to live in, actually building their emotional life in the space, and I just said, well yeah, duh. A monkey can find an apartment on StreetEasy. Anybody can find something online. When the expertise comes in when working with buyers is making sure that we think through every single apartment option and you don’t just walk away from something that might be the best possible home and opportunity for you and for all of your goals because you are not able to imagine your life there. We can start to move past objections and get you into something that you’re gonna love.


  1. Prices won’t come down. Therefore, make an offer to negotiate a deal!


When will prices come down. Question I get all the time. And the truth is: they won’t. In order to get prices to come down from sellers you gotta make an offer. There are so many deals happening right now in Q1 of 2023, and the way that those deals are happening is by a buyer making an offer and a seller deciding to have a conversation. Apartments are priced all over the map. Some are priced high, some are priced spot on where they should be on the market, and some of them are priced actually below the market. Unless you analyze each price and you actually submit that offer, you as a buyer are making a decision for that seller saying they don’t want to have a conversation. So why not take the power into your own hands, make that offer, and get the seller to talk? Because believe me, sellers are ready, willing, and able to have that conversation.Question is: Are you? #shorts #realestate #realtorsofinstagram #realestateagent #realestatebr


  1. Here’s how to deal with a picky buyer!


My go-to response when dealing with a picky buyer client: Thank you! I love you. The reason I say this is because it makes me better as a broker, as a human, and overall as a designer because my X factor told to me over and over by my clients is that I’m able to introduce them to a space that they have previously overlooked, either by themselves because they were a desk jokey looking online, or by another agent that they had looked with for 2 years and never found something I help them envision their own life in that space the way that they want to live there. So when we take the time to understand who they are, how they live, what they want to live in, and how they envision themselves, we can find the ideal home. So again, thank you! I love you.


  1. Property taxes are calculated differently in NYC than anywhere else!


Property taxes are calculated differently in NYC than anywhere else. When you are in the suburbs, you have your property taxes and then if your neighbor sells their home for more money, your property taxes will then be reassessed and your taxes are going to go up. This is what’s going on in Austin, Texas, this is what’s going on in different parts of Florida. In NYC, if your neighbor sells for a lot more money than what you bought your home for our taxes stay the same. They’re assessed based off of the building, the neighborhood, and the average sale for the area. So keep that in mind when you’re looking to buy, when you’re underwriting your deal, and you’re debating that really nice four bedrooms somewhere in Connecticut in Connecticut or Westchester, or staying in the city and enjoying your life. 


  1. Here’s why you can live on your own schedule in NYC!


Live on your own schedule! That’s one of the best things about living in NYC. You have the MTA, which allows you to walk underground, get on a train, often times complain about it, but you get to get on a train at any time of the day, with a very short wait period. Imagine if your train stopped running every night at midnight. Also, imagine if that train only came every 45 minutes to an hour. And if you miss one, good luck catching the next one, and your alternative transportation is a $150 dollars uber ride. That’s the trade off of living in any of the surrounding suburbs that are not on the MTA, and that is the trade-off that anybody needs to consider when switching the lifestyle of living in NYC. We all like that immediate access, we all like that instant gratification, and we like living on our own schedule.


  1. Residential interest rates are NOT correlated to the prime rate!


Interest rates: this is a hot topic that everyone thinks that they understand, or know where interest rates are because the fed increased interest rates, lowered interest rates, fed did something with interest rates… which is always going to be true. Residential interest rates, especially on a jumbo loan in NYC, are not directly correlated to the interest rates announced by the fed. It is very important to align yourself with great bankers, sometimes from one bank, sometimes from multiple banks, because they all offer a different product and they switch on and off about who’s going to be more competitive and trying to get your business versus less competitive and not trying to get your business. So, having those conversations and speaking with a real estate professional to introduce you to a trusted banker that can get the job done is incredibly important, and find out the information to understand where are interest rates for you based on the relationship that you can create, where are they today? Then, you can financially plan and make your choice. 


  1. Here’s why rich people are buying real estate in NYC right now!


Rich people are buying real estate in NYC. The reason for this is because they know a good deal when they see one, and they also understand the game of making offers. You’ll never see the discount in the asking price. The discount is by playing the game. In this process in NYC, there is no commitment and no money down to making an offer. So every trick person knows that if you go out, you see those apartments, and you make that offer, you’re testing to see how that seller’s going to respond. How do they want to leverage their assets? When you focus on what it is asking, what’s it worth, and what you are willing to pay for in today’s market, that’s where you are going to get that deal, and that’s where fortunes are made.


  1. ALWAYS get involved in every part of a transaction!


Get involved with your clients, the attorneys, and help finish the deal. This is my feedback to every real estate agent out there. There are way too many conversations where the agent, either on the buy side or the sell side, will act like a teenager, or we could even go with toddler that’s still within their limits in manipulation, where they will instigate some situation, and then say “I’m not gonna get involved, let’s have the attorneys handle it”. Attorneys think in very specific patterns. A real estate agent is a little bit more creative and solution-oriented. As a real estate agent, if your one response is, “let’s let the attorneys handle it”, you’re putting your job, your finances, and your entire deal (which is both the buyer and the seller) in jeopardy because you felt like instigating, not getting involved, and trying to absolve yourself of responsibility, which ultimately you’re responsible.


  1. Car or train if you’re commuting to the city?


Car or train if you’re commuting to the city. The benefit of the train is that it’s on schedule, and it usually costs about $200 to $300 dollars a month for your transportation. If you were to drive into the city because you missed that train which kind of makes you feel like a 5-year-old getting on the bus, that new derive from Westchester, which is 80 miles round trip, will cost you 1000 dollars a month in gas. When you start running through all of those challenges, and just let your neuroses go wild because I assure you all of that will happen. Analyze every aspect of what your commute is going to be and understand which one is for you and do you even want that. This may start our conversation, looking in both Brooklyn or Queens and living where you can control your life.


  1. Choose your outfit the day before to boost your productivity!


Choose your clothes the day before. This is a life hack going back to when you were going growing up. I mean, my mom, and I failed at this, always said “pick up your clothes for school the day before because in the morning we didn’t want to have to make that choice”. Naturally, I’d always choose something that didn’t match. And there’s always the rumor, and obviously, it is published, that Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs wear the same thing every single day. Of course, they have like varieties of the same shirts, it’s not literally the same shirt. But they wear something similar every single day. And, what that does, is it cuts down decision fatigue. Now, decision fatigue is real. We only have a finite amount of decisions that we can make every day before we are exhausted. Use the first part of your day for the highest brain activity actions. Optimize your outfit, optimize your day, and this way you can make all the decisions when you’re ready to play. 


  1. Your square footage is a lie!


Your square footage is a lie! Instead of focusing on “I need x amount of square foot to be happy in this home”, think about “I need x amount of square foot that I’m actually going to use”. Do you need it in the bedroom? Do you need it in the living room? Do you need it in the kitchen? Where is that square footage that you actually need in order to benefit your life? Shopping on only square footage minimizing options and coming up with your preconceived notions on what x amount of square footage actually feels like, will get you nowhere. Being open to understanding how you live, how you need to move, and where the value is going to be for you will be a gem changer for you life and it will help you see the diamond in the rough versus overpaying for something you hate. 


  1. 15 minutes is all you get to SELL!


15 minutes is all you get as a seller to make a great impression on that buyer. And I say 15 minutes because really the buyer knows whether they love your apartment in the first 30 seconds. However a good listing g agent and good buyers agent can get them around to understanding the value of your home in about 15 minutes, and then they are gone. So if we can find a way to build their life in that space during that time, this is walking through the living room showing how they would live there, this walking into the kitchen, the bathrooms, the bedrooms. When we’re looking at all of these items and we’re trying to build their life in the space 15 minutes is all you get. Make sure that your agent can help you understand the space so that you don’t miss out on a great opportunity


  1. Let’s make the Tribeca Bean Bigger!


The Tribeca Bean. Do you love it? Or do you hate it? Great concept, great design, poor execution. My thought on the Tribeca bean is why did they choose that location? And why do we have the same thing that started in Chicago? Now I’m from the midwest, I did a lot to get out of the midwest, so, maybe we can take this as an idea of we just got it out of the midwest, but if that’s the case, let’s do what New York City does and let’s go bigger and better. I think that we pluck that bean out. We take it, we put it in Union Square, we make it at least 3 times as big, so it’s not a center for ants. And, we actually make it something that will draw a crowd and do what New York City does best. Be large, and be in charge, and not taste like one of those butter jelly beans. 


  1. Talk to a Real Estate Agent before renovating!


Renovation consultation! If you’re looking to renovate, it is very important, and rarely if ever actually used, to consult with a real estate professional, such as myself, about the changes that you’re looking to make. Are they going to add value in this marketplace? Because you might sell before you’re ready. Are they going to be inexpensive, or are you going to renovate over the top and spend more money than you need to, and never get that money back? Are there simple changes you can make to get you the same effect without having to spend the money, the time, and go through the process and hassle? Consulting with a real estate professional in understanding how will these changes affect your resell value should always be utilized.


  1. Here’s why focused reading and learning will change your life!


Focused reading and learning is one of the best things you can do to change where your life is right now. If you pick your topic- research it for a week, and figure out what direction you what to go into. Don’t distract yourself with Instagram, TikTok, go on to Amazon, go on to google, and look at the top 30 books in that space and in that category. Go and either buy all of them or get them from the library, and spend the next two months only reading them. From that two months of focused learning, you can accomplish so much more than you can possibly imagine. And then you’ll be focused: you won’t have the habits of being distracted by looking at all these shiny objects. You’ll know what you’re doing, and you’ll have more direction. However, if you take that same amount of time and you spread it out over a year, and keep all of these distractions, you’re going to lose out on so much potential, and you’ll find yourself in a year in the same place you where in, versus just having set aside two months. 


  1. Here’s why your kitchen and bathroom cause an argument!


Does your kitchen and bathroom cause an argument? What we see is that when people say that a space feels too tight, it either comes from ceiling height, it comes from too tight of a kitchen, or too tight of a primary bathroom. If you’re using either of them just to walk through it and you have two people going like this, you need a space in those areas where you don’t have to say excuse me. Those 2 high-pressure areas will cause arguments because this is where you cannot get away from each other, and you cannot get your own space. So when you realize that you need just a little bit of width between the two walls in your bathroom or between the two walls in your kitchen, it is a game changer for your everyday life. 

  1. CitiQuiet windows are one of the best things that you are not using!


CitiQuiet windows are one of the best things that you are not using! What they really are is that it is a second layer of windows that goes on the inside of your apartment, so you’re not going to have to get the full board approval, it’s more of a decorator’s agreement. Just because you live on a quiet street doesn’t mean that you’re not getting these noises every single night, which are affecting your sleep. The most invasive sound is a quiet street where that one bottle all of a sudden just drops or somebody kicks something or there’s a motorcycle that decides to drive down your block. The CitiQuiet quiet windows will keep your sleep very, very steady. That will also affect potentially your job performance, and also your health. It’s really effective if you’re living on a major Avenue if you’re living above a bar or restaurant, or if you just happen to have noise sensitives and there is an air conditioning unit outside of your apartment. Adding this layer of noise resistance and cancellation will be a game changer for your everyday life.


  1. Your home is like the shell of a hermit crab!


Time for a spring refresh! If you’ve been living in your home or staying in your apartment for say 3 to 7 years, your life has shifted: you’ve probably gotten, new raises, you’ve probably have new relationships. You might have friends, you might have new life aspirations. Your home is like the shell of a hermit crab. In order to grow and expand you need to change your shell, this can be done with either buying and selling new places, or just really simple decorations and spring cleaning. Chaining up the paint colors, changing up the wallpaper, changing up artwork, changing any of these elements can change your emotional state in that home and make you feel like life is changing slightly and get you out of the monotonous routine that we can find ourselves in by repetition for 3 to 5 years. It’s time to change up your terrarium and remember: you’re not a tree. Move! 


  1. Here’s why your coffee shop is the biggest hug you can get from your new neighborhood!


Find your coffee shop! This is one of the top tips that I can have if you’re looking to explore a different neighborhood or if you’re just moving to NYC for the first time. When you find your local coffee shop, if you feel comfortable there, this is like the biggest hug that you can get from a neighborhood because you’re going to wake up, you’re going to drink coffee, or you’re going to go drink tea or matcha, or you’re just gonna go there because your friends want coffee and you don’t drink coffee. But regardless, you’re still going to go there. When you realize that, that becomes a very important and yet very small detail in your everyday life about what creates your comfort level in a neighborhood or in a new place, even if you’re traveling, is finding that coffee shop. So check it out, see what you want to explore, and see if that coffee is close enough o you, and will you be happy in that neighborhood? 


  1. NYC Hack! Lyft Pink Membership


NYC Hack! Lyft Pink Membership. Lyft Pink Membership is $199 dollars. Now, I’m an Uber Rider, so I never actually order Lyft, but where this is a win is that with a Lyft Pink Membership, you actually get free seamless delivery. So if seamless delivery is $3.99 just in that extra charge, that is only 50 seamless orders to pay for itself over the course of a year. Then, you also get discounted Lyft Rides 15%; then you will also get free regular City Bike rides, and the weather is getting nicer; and then you also have discounted electric City Bike Rides, and we know how competitive it is to get one of those. So this is an interesting savings and life hack for New York City, and remember: this is not an ad. I ride with Uber!


  1. Here’s how to avoid feeling rejected!


If you’re afraid of rejection, you can take a great lesson from Andy Frisella, that he’d said years ago. His lesson is: “have honest intentions when you’re going to say hi to somebody.” If you’re afraid of rejection, maybe it’s because you’re about to manipulate them in some conversation. So have an honest conversation and say hi and get to know somebody, and you will find out that New Yorkers are very open, receptive, and excited to talk to you. 


  1. Here’s why Engineered Floors are better!


Wood floors vs engineered floors. I’m a huge fan of engineered floors! Now, they are very different styles of engineered floors, you can’t use laminate because it looks very very inexpensive. If they are engineered wood where you have a certain thickness of particleboard, and then you also have different thicknesses of real wood on top of it where you can also still get a sanding, you can change the color, you can do all kinds of things with them. Those are fantastic! A majority of the time in this city we have concrete buildings. Concrete will soak up all the moisture from real wood. You also sometimes want real wood in the kitchen, or just outside of the kitchen. If that dishwasher happens to leak all of the wood around that is now going to be warped. Same thing with by the windows, same thing with by the air conditioning and heating units. If any of those leak real wood gets warped! Engineered wood stays smooth. It will stay consistent. Let’s get sure that you’re getting the right quality and protect your investment. 


  1. To townhouse or not to townhouse?


To townhouse or not to townhouse? Financially owning a townhouse makes a ton of sense. Your taxes are lower, your maintenance of that building is much lower, you get a lot more space, and you get a lot more privacy and freedom. The challenges are who are going to be your vendors for everything that you do in every aspect of your life. That is an easy solve: we can come up with a list of who all of the vendors are going to be, you can hire a virtual assistant for part-time, which would be, let’s say, $500 to $800 per month to help you with the household duties who can also be your virtual doorman, which you can also hire. You can also hire a super. Everybody else on your block either has a super or is interested in sharing one. So there will be a block super to take care of your building, to take care of your trash, and also kind of look after the street, which they always do. 


  1. 5.75 M Luxury Duplex in Tribeca! 70 Thomas Street #2


View our listing here: https://rb.gy/ggp10 This lower level features an open kitchen, dining, and living room concept packed with exquisite details, two full bedrooms with suite bathrooms. On this second-floor and retainer space, get to take in all of the ceiling height, the exposed brick, and the details. The primary bedroom is massive! You do have what we’re gonna call your closet room. You also have an additional office space, could be a baby’s room or an additional closet. Thank you for coming by 70 Thomas St, your duplex townhouse-like loft in Tribeca. To make this home your home, I’m Daniel Blatman with the Agency. Give me a call


  1. Here’s why pricing your home to sell in NYC is an art form!


Pricing your home to sell in NYC is an art form. The reason it’s an art form is because one building on one side of the street will trade differently than a building that is literally across the street. Is it on the north side of the street? Is it on the south side of the street? Is it on an avenue? Is your unit facing the avenue or is it facing away from the avenue? Let’s say, if you end up with a park view, if you’re on the upper east or the upper west side if you’re on the 4th floor and that doesn’t have a view, but all of sudden the fifth floor does, they’re not exactly comparables to each other, because the view changes everything. This is why you need a unique pricing solution just for your home, whether you’re looking to buy or sell, talk to a broker who is experienced in that because I assure you when I work for a seller, there are unique ways to get someone to overpay, and when I work for a buyer there are unique ways to make sure we get a good value. 


  1. Find the perfect Price-to-view Ratio!


The highest floor doesn’t command the highest price all the time. When you’re looking at the difference between floors, when you’re looking at pricing and how you’re going to buy that place and get the right value, it is finding the optimum floor that has the price-to-view ratio. I was looking at the new construction project at The Cortland. 555 West 22nd Street. When we’re looking at a 4-bedroom apartment there, the 15th floor actually is the optimal floor. The 18th floor is an extra nearly million dollars. The reason that this is important is because when you go to resell that apartment the 18th-floor versus the 15th floor, there is no way to justify commanding a million dollars, plus when you go to resell to recoup your money, there is no justification for why somebody’s gonna spend more money on the 18th, floor versus buying the 15th floor. So if you’re on the market at the same time, 15th floor is going to sell better. Make sure you know what you’re getting, why you’re getting it, and where that view change is, because that’s your resell.


  1. Mirrors on the wall – one of the most underrated decorative tools of them all!


Mirror, mirror on the wall. One of the most underrated decorative tools of them all. What I love about mirrors is that they can really accent certain places in your apartment and they can also bring more light and redirect light within your space. There’s such a great tool to illuminate dark areas, to also show artwork that’s on one side of the room, to show on the other side of the room, and also bring more attention to a different location just because of the way that the angles will play. It will make it seem larger than it actually is. It also makes it feel brighter than it actually is, and then you can turn the mirror on yourself. 


  1. Painting is like a shower for your home!


Painting is like a shower for your home. I know, it’s absurd, hear me out. When you walk into an apartment and it is freshly painted, the entire place glows. It will illuminate and it feels clean it feels new you. You can also adjust the way that the paint looks in your room. I highly recommend doing more of a reflective paint like a semi-gloss on the ceilings, especially when you’e in a dark space, because that will actually illuminate the entire space from above. So when your entire space glows from above it almost feels like you’re outside, or now you’re in this gilded age style castle. You can also change the paint color of doors, so if your doors add a little bit more texture, if you make them dark and your walls light or vice versa, you can paint molding, all of this will add more texture and more design and really transform the way your entire space feels. Just look at Pinterest and all those photos you’ve been staring at for the last 3 years. You think it’s furniture and plants, I guarantee you it’s paint.


  1. Pricing is positioning and marketing, not value!


Pricing is positioning and marketing, not value. If you only look at pricing as the actual value of the home, you miss out on so much potential of what your space can be because sometimes when you’re listing your home you actually do want to price it high, or potentially price it just below market in order to get the highest price. Sometimes is a Hail Mary price and you might get it. Other times when you’re looking to buy, the asking price, or even going above the asking price, might be worth it if that home actually is done well, and has mass appeal for resell, which means everybody will want it when you go to sell it, and the asking price might have been already been a killer deal. So understand what you’re actually getting and get real ate money versus ego money. 


  1. Don’t Wait for Rates to Drop to Buy Real Estate!


Should you wait for rates to drop? NO!. If rates go up, so do values, and so does your competition. We know everybody in NYC is incredibly competitive, aren’t we? If you’re going to save 200k on that property from buying now vs from having bought a year and a half or two years ago when the interest rates were so much lower then they were today, how much are you actually going to save? Let’s run your example. Give me a call. 


  1. Invest in a Blue Chip area!


Being a landlord is great! When you’re looking to buy in certain areas and certain buildings, they are one of the most low-maintenance things that you can possibly look to, and you’re buying in a blue chip area, so it just keeps the rent coming. If you were to buy in a A-level building, in a A-level area they’re typically very easy apartments to fill. They’re also very easy to manage because the building has a massive staff, you have a doorman, you have a concierge, you have a live in super, you have porters. You have everybody that comes and actually takes care of the space plus your tenants, when they’re spending 4k-5k a month on a one bedroom+, they are usually too busy to call you and ask you to come and change a lightbulb. They just take care of everything themselves or ask the building’s current staff to do it for you. So, it’s making sure you’re going to get the right property for what your risk tolerance is and making sure you’re educated on what you’re getting.


  1. Sensible over sexy! Yes, we’re talking about apartments!


Sensible over sexy. Yes, we’re talking about apartments! Sometimes it is best to go after a sensible apartment building or neighborhood versus the sexy. And the reason for this is because we have to find out what are your actual goals. When we are looking over the next 10 years of your life what are your goals as far as your home, your family, your business, and your lifestyle? All of that can be built into one phenomenal package. There are so many elements to explore! Where this is and what your lifestyle is going to be like? As someone who’s currently in his late 30s, when we’re debating, do you go for the hot Soho, really sexy neighborhood? Or is it more sensible to buy something larger in the Upper East Side or Upper West Side or Brooklyn, where your commute might be a little bit more, it might not have the nightlife that you want, however, when you go home it is much more relaxing? So getting grounded in what is your 10 years plan, versus what do you need today, will help you keeping the doctor away! 


  1. NYC loves the classics versus the fads!


NYC loves the classics versus the fads! When you’re looking at a building to buy that is going to hold its value, that will always sell well, it is finding something that is classic, that is incredibly well done and unique to neighborhood. When you look at a building like The Greenwich Lane, this is a pre-war condo building with excellent room proportion, great finishes, a doorman, and it’s in the heart of Greenwich Village. And there is nothing like it if you want that you have to pay for it. We can look at the newer buildings that are more like a fad. Let’s say Zaha Hadid’s building at 520 West 28th Street. If we’re looking at something like that, it’s a challenge, because it has too many strikes against it. It might be sexy, it’s great to look at, great to live in , but may be better to rent. Just like life and the latest singer that you’re listening to, or the hottest movies star, make sure you pay attention to the classics, why is it going to sell well, why is it going to hold its value, and make sure it’s not a fad.


  1. How To Find Your Perfect Neighborhood!


So you’ve been renting and you don’t want to buy in the same neighborhood that you’ve been renting. My recommendation: let’s look at these other neighborhoods. Upper East Side, different sections of Brooklyn, they are all growing very very quickly and very well. Get an Airbnb and stay there on a Thursday night and a Friday night. This way you can wake up and see what your commute is like on a Friday morning. You can also wake up on a Saturday morning and figure out where are you gonna go for brunch, coffee you’re going to go to. Do you like the people that you run into? Test how different neighborhoods, take some time. If you don’t need to move for 6, maybe 12 months, start feeling out these other opportunities. Each neighborhood is only about 10 blocks. So if you try out one street and you’re like “I’m ruling out an entire area”… Let’s just say the Upper East Side. That runs from 60th Street to 100th Street. Feel out what is like, because you have that time and you’re not in a rush. Take that time, make it productive, and then, let’s find your ideal home. 


  1. Here’s why it’s ALWAYS a good time to talk to areal estate agent!


It’s always a good time to talk to a real estate agent. The challenge with buying and selling, especially in New York, is that it’s a six months process. Let’s say it takes you 3 months to see a bunch of options to understand what you want if you’re looking to buy, and then it’s gonna take you 3 months to close. Let’s see if you’re looking to sell it might take you 1 to 3 months to start figuring out what you want to declutter. Then let’s say it takes you another 2 or 3 months to market the home, because that’s more of a process, it’s usually 1 to 2 months on the market, and then it’s still going to take you 3 months to close. So starting to have that conversation about what your housing need are going to be even if it’a s a year only, always necessary. Let’s help you plan, let’s start a dialogue, and just know we’re going to continue the relationship, the market’s going to ebb and flow, your needs are going to ebb and flow, and we’ll come up with a good solution that will help your life moving forward. 


  1. Here’s why Airbnb is a phenomenal tool to try out new things!


Airbnb is a phenomenal tool to try out new things! If you want to try different housing styles, you want to try different neighborhoods, if you’re thinking about that country house, try giving an Airbnb or rent a house for a month, and see how often you actually go to use it. Not just because you paid for it, but see how much you actually do use that space. If you’re going to try moving from SoHo to the Upper East Side, try getting an Airbnb or stay on a hotel there on a Thursday night, and a Friday night, so you can wake up and try your commute on Friday, because yes, you’re probably going back to the office or at least will the day, and see what is like going out on a Friday night and waking up on Saturday morning. Do you like the coffee shops? Do you like who you see in that coffee shop? Do you like the restaurants that are right there, because it’s deferent where you’re going somewhere for a destination, versus walking around your home because you live, breathe, and feel that particular neighborhood. So now, use Airbnb as a tool, and explore.

  1. Mentorship


One of my favorite things about leading a team: Mentorship. I like being able to mentor people and guide them through what the process is. I’ve always had look at so many different resources, and like an information junkie, I want to know every aspect about how to do a deal, how to a grow a business, what is business? And I know that’s kind of weird to say but every business can be run very differently so we got figure out how do we want to grow business? I haven’t had that one stop shop, that one stop support system to go to with any question that I had. It is my privilege to be able to offer that from all of the research that I’ve done. 


  1. Why Prices Won’t Come Down: Uncovering the Truth About NYC Real Estate


When will prices come down. News flash for you. They aren’t! What is important to understand about prices is that they might be already be down. When looking to buy or looking to sell it is understanding that you’re not looking at the headlines. Because the headlines speak about the entire market as a whole. When we say New York City, are you looking at the Bronx? Manhattan (which is also massive)? Are you looking at Queens? Are you looking at Brooklyn? Where are the actual prices changing? Where is it coming down, and what is that about? When looking at the NY State market, it is incredibly stable. It doesn’t go up massively, it doesn’t go down massively, like the rest of the country. This is basically a Blue Chip Stock. It doesn’t make sense for any of us to want to live here, and yet more and more people every single day from across the world want to live here. Because we can’t live anywhere else. Not even you Florida. 


  1. Here’s why your apartment sitting on the market for too long without getting any offers!


Is your apartment sitting on the market for too long without getting any offers? That is for multiple reasons. And remember, the Cranberries said it best, when they siad “Do You have to Let It Linger”. No, you do not. So let’s go over why. It could be sitting on the market because you’re priced too high. That is a real honest conversation about where is the market and what are the actual comps in your building. Sometimes, the comps and the seller don’t necessarily align. Another reason is because it’s just not shown correctly. It could be because the light is not great, or the place just feels very congested. You can bring a little bit of life in there, a little bit of fresh smells, like using real plants versus fake plants, you can also just decorate or maybe declutter. Another way is what I call active showing. Please take a look at one of my videos to see what active showing actually is, because it makes a difference. Buying and selling a home is emotional. And just like your feelings, you don’t have to let it linger. 


  1. Does your kitchen actually work for cooking?!


You say you cook a lot, but does your kitchen actually work for cooking? I had one client where they were trying to figure out how could they walk into and out of their kitchen, repeatedly, and would it be possible to have two people in there, is the refrigerator in the right spot? Can you open the dishwasher? We opened one dishwasher and you couldn’t even open it all the way it had a top drawer that was usable, you couldn’t open the bottom drawers you’re trying to load in plates by reaching in there and sticking your head into the dishwasher. It’s like reading about Hansel and Gretel falling into the oven. Other apartments where you cannot even open the oven. So how functional is your kitchen, are you taking these things into consideration when you’re looking at an apartment, because the last thing I would want ifs for you to look at an apartment, thinking it was beautiful, it was just renovated, shiny object, and then find out you can’t use any oven. That’s why you should work with a great broker, like me.


  1. Here’s Why a Real Estate Agent Must Be in Perfect Shape!


It’s very important to be in good physical shape, especially as a real estate agent. It’s proven to generate positivity, good body image, you’re more health conscious. All of the food that we eat affects our mood. As a real estate agent we’re very good in staying positive and we almost need to stay positive through everything because we’re helping people build their lives. It’s not our job to pass whatever is going on through our life onto our clients. We get to understand their life. Another reason it’s very important for us to be in shape is when I look at my last 4 days, I went between 15,000 and 20,000 steps per day. I still need to be able to walk and talk, have conversations with clients outside of the ones I’m physically with, understand the real estate market, and keep my brain fresh. If I cannot provide my client with an answer, some other broker will. So understand your competition and make sure you value yourself so you can keep life moving forward. 


  1. You music may be giving you anxiety! Listen to 432 Hz music instead


Your music may be giving you anxiety. And the reason for this is because you listen to music at 440 Hz, which was originally proposed in 1939 and then made effective in 1953. What’s significant about this is that 440 hz is shown to increase anxiety and decrease body awareness. My proposal is to listen to music at 432 Hz, which was it was known before that, and also that is what live music is tuned to. My proposal for you is when you’re sitting at home, working away, grinding it out our you get up from your desk, that moment you’re going to go get a coffee, you’re going to go to the bathroom, listen to something at 432 Hz. It is shown to decrease anxiety, to increase calmness, and over all give you a better life. 


  1. Red Flags in the Real Estate Industry!


Red Flags in the real estate industry Lack of communication is huge, we should always know where we stand and what is going on in the process. Another big red flag is Ego. Everyone has an ego, everyone has some vanity, but keeping that in check and make sure that we understand this is a people’s business. Making sure that we talk about the reality of the situation on all aspects and get rid of the ego, so let’s make sure we keep everything in check, get rid of these red flags and make this a positive process for all.


  1. Here’s where you want to live in NYC if you need a doorman!


So you want to live in something that’s cute and charming, and yet you also want a doorman. Well, there’ only a few places in the city that you can actually get all of that. You might want to check out the Upper West Side, where you have lots of pre-war buildings, and you have either full time doorman or part time doorman and a part time dorman is still incredibly effective, especially with how we live now. You can look at the Upper East Side, Park Avenue and 5th Avenue, have a lot of character, high ceilings, pre war buildings, doormen, but a lot of restrictions. You could also check out Brooklyn Heights. Phenomenal buildings, also pre-war charm, character and great tree lines streets. To get that extra detail you don’t always need to go with the townhouse, you don’t always need to go with a non doorman building, you just need to adjust the neighborhood you’re looking in, so at the end of the day are you more neighborhood specific or home style specific. 


  1. Here are the best things about having a doorman in NYC!


Best things about having a doorman in the city! 1. It’s like actually having built in protection, which is what everybody wants a doorman for. They’re always in from of your building, always guarding watch the door, it’s not like they’re actually though, or trained in judo, or karate, or packing a gun, but just the concept that they’re there is nice for protection. 2. In case there’s anything that’s wrong with your apartment when you’re not there, or you need that extra hand, because we’re always so busy, and we’re running all over the place all the time, maybe it’s just reaching the top shelf because you’re short, maybe it’s reaching something low because you’re tall, or accepting deliveries, like a new refrigerator, or anything from Ikea, because you never know when they’re gonna deliver, even when they say that they’re going to. These are some of the basics reasons why having a doorman is amazing. What are some of your favorite reasons to have a doorman, and what are your pros and cons? 


  1. Subway Crime when it comes to real estate


Subway Crime when it comes to real estate It’s a very touchy subject. Everybody wants to feel safe on their daily commute. Now, the great thing about riding the subway is that we don’t have to worry about getting into a car accident, which happens all over the world. However, due to this being a concern, this is one reason that people tend to like to live in an area where they don’t have to take the train because you can walk everywhere. Imagine being able to walk to your office. You can look at neighborhoods, like NoMad, you can look at Kips Bay, you can look at Murray Hill. These are some of the emerging neighborhoods that are getting a lot more attention. Same thing with actually with Midtown East if you look just East of Second Avenue, between Second and Third you know not as exciting, but you’ll start to get bigger trees east of Second Avenue. Now you can walk to the office, your friends will actually come and visit you because we’ve seen restaurants grow up in those areas over the last three years. We’ve seen Whole Foods expand into many more locations, same thing with Trader Joe’s. So as these neighborhoods grow and change, I think we can recreate your life in NYC and how you’ll feel safe here and how you’ll feel excited, and really make this your home.


  1. NYC Is Banning Gas Stoves!!!


Gas Stoves! They’re all the rage right now, and all the rage is against them. New York City now has approved bans that as of 2024 any new building under 7 stories can no longer include a gas stove and as of 2027, anything above 7 stories, again, new buildings, can no longer have a gas stove. Before you enter all of the uproar against this ban, have you tried an induction range? The new ones with the magnetic sensors that actually boil water incredibly quick and incredibly efficient, and also modulate the temperature incredibly well. Another hidden benefit about using an induction range. Induction range, simple smooth, it’s a whole wax on, whole wax off cleaning process, you’ll be good to go.


  1. Everyone has coaches!


Everyone has coaches, everyone has mentors! If you do not have access directly to a mentor, pick up a book. Pick up YouTube. Grant Cardone has been my mentors for years, if not a decade. I actually now have met him and his wife. I’ve been working and learning from him for 7 years before I’ve ever met him. Countless other great mentors that you can find and great coaching programs always do it. But make sure, they’re teaching you what you need to know, not just the information that will inflate your ego and help support what your current point of view is. They should challenge you, they should benefit you and help you grow.


  1. Virtual doorman with new technology is an amazing thing for any building!


Virtual doorman with new technology is an amazing thing for any building! There is new technology like the Butterlfy System, which we’ve seen implemented into a lot of walkups in say Chelsea, or the West Village. And what these systems now do is that they will be a QR code activated door unlocking mechanism, so that you can share your QR code with say your dog walker, who can now come and visit the apartment on Thursdays between 2 and 4 pm every single week, and that is all that specific QR code, will give them access to that front door for. I also highly recommend that if you do not have a doorman, the building implement a two door system. One door that can be that QR code activated and the second door that will also have to be buzzed and activated. So that, if you are allowing deliveries, they can live them in that vestibule. This way, everybody in the building will feel safe and it will give you all of the benefits of having safety, security, a doorman, and none of the drawbacks. 


  1. Here’s why NOW is the perfect time to buy real estate!


When you are playing with a low purchase price and a high interest rate, if that interest rate goes down, purchase price will probably go up, and that’s what we saw for the last two and a half years. So if purchase price goes up, and let’s say right now you were to save $200,000 on that property, but because of your interest rate it’s going to cost an extra $2,000 per month to pay for that property at the lower price. Well, if you are so certain that interest rates are gonna to go down, then lock in a low price right now. Would you spend $48,000 over the course of two years in order to save $152,000? I think yes. So, if we focus on you along term goals and we look at the actual opportunities of what you’re doing by buying in today’s real estate market, I’d buy today!


  1. Here’s why you should wear a sport coat!


Wearing a sport coat is great at hiding a lot of things. One, it hides those awesome sweat stains that everybody ends up having in the summer, male, female, dose not matter. You’re going to have them. Two, It prevents unsightly things, like that huge back tattoo that you got when you were 18 or Ben Affleck, and you don’t want anybody to see it. When I was first starting my real estate career, there was this broker, he shows up in a white button up shirt, and sweating profusely, was hot as hell, and as soon as he goes to the from desk to get the keys, you just see this massive dragon back tattoo. If you a back tattoo, awesome! But you really want everybody to see it through your shirt, to see that. Just wear a mesh, it will keep you cool, it would be more airy, or what a t-shirt with a sport coat over top of it, makes you look professional, and this way your clients can keep wearing their gym clothes and everybody’s still going to think that they’re represented very well by a broker that knows what they’re doing. 


  1. Not having a doorman has a lot of benefits!


Not having a doorman has a lot of benefits, mostly around privacy. The great thing is nobody knows who’s coming in, who’s coming out, when are they coming in, when are they coming out, depending on your lifestyle, that can be amazing. If you are a celebrity that can be great, if you are a very busy person, and you like to keep to yourself, and you don’t want to see anybody, sometimes that is amazing. And lastly, there isn’t that overarching looming responsibility to actually have to greet or say hi or by to another human being and have some consideration for their emotional well-being. What are some of the benefits that you found by not having a doorman? And is that something that you are specifically looking for? And why? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. In Up Markets and Down Markets, People Are Still Going to Buy and Sell their Home!


In Up Markets and Down Markets, people are still going to buy and sell their home! We’ve all seen the up market where everybody’s like “Wow! If the pricing were just lower I would have bought!” Or, “I wish that pricing came down to x, and then I’d buy!” And the pricing kept going up. Then, we also see the blood in the streets and the pricing comes down, and people are like, “Well, I just don’t trust the market!” Taking that plunge and understanding what the market is and how long you’re gonna hold onto that property and what your goals are, and why are you buying in the first place. Because we always want yesterday’s price, unless it’s a down market, and if it’s going down, then you’re too hesitant, it’s too risky. There are ways that when you speak with a real estate professional that we can hedge your bets, we can understand where might that market go, and how can we keep your money safe, and help you reach your housing goals? Give me a call, let me know, and let’s talk through it all, so this way you are safe, you are protected, and you know what you’re getting yourself into.