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AI is about to completely transform the coaching industry. Why? Both do exactly the same thing: provide personalized expert advice and information as 1-on-1 conversation.  We’ve already helped the top real estate coaches create AI chatbot assistants customized to their coaching program and want more partners to bring this tech to their clients.  Early adopters don’t see AI as replacing them, but a tool to win against their human-coaching-only competition.  

As AI technology evolves, it will become easier for real estate coaches to adopt these tools.  We provide the easiest way to start bringing these tools to your organization (instead of bringing your clients to say ChatGPT) to make your business more efficient and scalable, while growing the value you add to clients.

Want a taste of what your AI ‘coachbot’ might look like?  Try it yourself below. 

What Is It?

A customized AI coaching bot that answers and sounds like you.  It does not replace the human relationship you have with your clients.  Instead, it will add value to your existing relationships and open doors to additional revenue streams.  

Your personalized AI Coaching Bot will:

  • Instantly answers questions from coaching clients, 24/7.
  • Communicate like you, emulating your expressions, vocabulary, phrases, and questions.
  • Create custom responses, meeting the individual needs of each client.  
  • Track all conversations and provide you with invaluable data into the needs of your clients.  
  • Allow you to amend responses in real-time. 
  • Only answer questions and discuss topics where you provide permission.  
  • Build rapport by deploying empathy. Unlike other chatbots, ours has a high EQ. We have been building relationship AI chatbots for over 7 years.

How It Works

You select your best written, video and audio content that will be uploaded to your bot.  In addition, you can curate additional content you would like your bot to access. This includes websites, blog posts, articles, YouTtube videos, and podcast episodes.  We will then work closely with you to leverage your content so your chatbot creates valuable and meaningful interactions with your clients.

Within weeks, you could have a new standalone product, a value-add or upsell to your existing offering, or an offramp for current clients to prevent churn.

Why You Will Benefit

This ‘coachbot’ becomes another tool to existing clients that’s available 24/7, a lower-priced entry for prospective clients, and a way to retain clients who churn. 

  • You have amazing content, but only a limited amount of time to personally connect with clients. Your chatbot will allow you to scale your business.
  • You have potential clients looking for an affordable option to gain access to your expertise and content in an interactive setting. Your chatbot can service those prospects.
  • You have limited insight into your client’s daily challenges. Your chatbot’s conversations with your clients will expose new areas for you to focus on during your client meetings. 
  • AI will transform the coaching business. Become an early adopter of this new technology and grow your clients base before coaching chatbots are widely adopted.

Why Partner With Us

Partnering with RealE is your easiest and lowest cost option build AI regardless of the size of your business.  You can build this yourself and the tools are getting better by the day.  But think about the execution risk and the time lost in searching for the required expertise.  An ‘AI product team’ not only needs to understand the technology, but be able to prototype, test, develop and deploy the fastest-evolving technology humanity has seen.  In the time it takes you to find the right personal, you’ve could have had a live product with us.

We’ve already built tools for the top coaches that can go right on your website, in your client services portal or integrate into your existing mobile apps. 

Tech-forward coaches have already started instructing clients how to work with AI tools like ChatGPT to write content and communication.  But as a business, it makes much more sense to customize and brand your own version of these tools instead of steering your clients and prospects to a 3rd party technology, especially when we make it so easy.  Partnering with us instantly grows your product offering since we’ll train a coachbot using the program, methodologies and curated content you’ve already created!

Sample of Upcoming Coachbots

Top coaches are already building AI tools with us and others.


Tom Ferry | Built by Real-E


Rod Santomassimo | Built by Coach Simple


Rick Gray | Built by

More to Come...

Ways To Work Together

We provide the full range of options to help you bring this transformative AI tech to your coaching business, from consulting to vendor to white-labeling to being a product co-owner, where we act as your inhouse AI and product development team.  You keep running the human-to-human coaching and help drive adoption, we take care of the build and run your new bot-to-human coaching product.  For new/emerging coaches, we charge upfront costs.  For top coaches and those with well-established businesses, we can arrange a revenue share option that minimizes your upfront risk and costs.    

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