Your Own ChatGPT for Real Estate

We create AI chatbots for real estate professionals that give them superhuman abilities. These chatbots are personalized to engage with prospects and existing clients 24/7, instantly and flawlessly remembering every important detail.

Our chatbots are built using the same technology behind ChatGPT, but customized to match your knowledge, expertise, and unique way of communicating.

Unlike other platforms, we do not use AI to generate your content. Instead, we use your existing content—such as listings, webpages, blogs, newsletters, coaching materials, emails, and text messages—to train the chatbots. This means you don’t have to produce new content.

Once your chatbot is ready, you can easily add it to your website or provide a link in your emails and messages. Your audience can start chatting with a single click.

Personalized & Efficient Communication

In the real estate business, agents often modify pre-existing information to personalize their communication with prospects, clients, and team members. This customization, although essential, consumes a considerable amount of their valuable time.

Leverage the power of your personal AI chatbot to free yourself from the burden of delivering routine information via speech, email, or text. Our chatbot is designed to learn and adapt, delivering immediate, accurate answers catered specifically to the needs of each user. This way, you can focus on nurturing relationships and closing deals, while your AI assistant takes care of the rest.



Answers any question using latest AI

Always Available

Responds 24/7, chats with clients as you sleep


Learns from your data


We can incorporate any data you give us

Effortless Integration With Any Website

After the training phase, we supply a few lines of code that can be effortlessly embedded into your webpage or listing. To make the process even smoother, we offer to handle this integration for you, eliminating the need for a dedicated developer on your end.

The only requirement from your side is the content that you want the bot to learn from.

Users can access the chatbot conveniently by clicking the universally recognized chat button/widget, commonly found on numerous websites. Alternatively, you can also link to it from your newsletters or emails. The beauty of it all – there’s absolutely no need for your visitors to download an app to engage with the chatbot.



Routine Questions

Empower your AI chatbot to deal with general inquiries, referral services, and coaching sessions. Say goodbye to answering the same question twice.

Listing Page

Your bot can talk about properties just as you would, even offering details that aren't mentioned in the listings.

Warm Up & Qualify Leads

Cultivate a two-way understanding between you and potential clients, allowing both sides to learn more about each other.

Blog & Newletters

Boost interaction on your content by infusing an interactive element with the help of your chatbot.

How It Works

01 Begin with the Cutting-edge AI

Leverage the power of the latest generative AI models that drive platforms such as ChatGPT, Bing, and now, GPT-4.

02 Tailor it with Your Unique Content

We prompt or fine-tune the base AI models with your specific content, enabling it to communicate in a style that mirrors your voice or that of your team.

03 Set Your Preferred Boundaries

Are there specific tasks you want your chatbot to handle, or certain areas you’d rather it avoids? Simply provide us with your instructions in plain English.

04 Seamless Integration

Easily incorporate a chat widget into your website or any other user interface with a few lines of code that we provide. This can be implemented by you, your development team, or us if needed.