This is a demo of an AI chatbot for a real estate agent.  The bot provides 24/7 instant answers to prospective clients and website visitors based on information provided by the agent or team about themselves.  In this case, the information came from


Creating a bot with us is the easiest entry to AI, planting the seed for it to power other parts of your business.  

  1. Create a bot and automate a portion of communication
  2. Expand your online presence (Google Business)
    • Organic search
    • Paid ads
    • Other
  3. Automate all of your communication
    • Integrate with any CRM system 
    • Draft your email and text message replies


Your chatbot can be the first point of contact for visitors to your website or listings, both warming up new leads and qualifying them.  Discovery platforms like Google Business will likely favor business with bots, driving both free organic traffic and lower cost for search traffic. 


Searching An Agent By Name

When searching the agent’s name on the phone Google Business is usually the top localized result, with options to  “CHAT” or “CALL”.

Dan Blatman mobile search results
Manual Chat (Current)

The “CHAT” button currently links to a chat that forward messages to the agent.  This requires manual responses which can/should be automated by a bot. 


Google Business Ads

When Google-searching “real estate agent” on the phone, agents that pay for Google ads are prioritized.

Hay & Holt Google Business
Current Behavior

The “MESSAGE” button currently links to a form.  Soon, Google Business will encourage chatting with a bot instead.